"How touching! Your friends are here to save you. Pity they arrived too late. It's time for your next round of torture. You'll enjoy this one."
―Duchess of Anguish[src]

The Duchess of Anguish is a powerful Dremora ruling over the Halls of Torment where she is currently torturing Sai Sahan for the location of the Amulet of Kings.


Halls of TormentEdit




Mannimarco: "Where is the Amulet of Kings?"
Duchess of Anguish: "Where is the Amulet of Kings? This can all be over if you just tell me. You can finally rest. You'd like that, wouldn't you, Sai?"
Sai Sahan: "Have I been here two years, or two thousand years? I can no longer tell. But I will never break! Never!"
Varen Doppelganger: "You failed me, Sai. Why didn't you protect me? I should have never trusted you."


  • "Becoming a sword-singer is child's play, Sai. I mastered it in an afternoon. Here, let me show you." – As the Tharn Doppelganger
  • "Where is the Amulet of Kings? Tell me, or I'll gut you like a fish with your own sword!" – As the Tharn Doppelganger
  • "Slice them to ribbons!" – As the Tharn Doppelganger
  • "Too late, once again. Come, my pet. Time for your next session!" – After defeating Lyris' Doppelganger
  • "We don't get many visitors in the Halls of Torment, but there's always room for a few more ... permanent residents." – While on the way to Lyris' Doppelganger
  • "Just tell me where the amulet is and we can be together forever, Sai. Isn't that what we both want?" – As the Lyris Doppelganger
  • "If I can't give you my heart, I'll give you theirs ... fresh, and still beating." – As the Lyris Doppelganger
  • "I'll deal with them. You'll be safe here, my love." – As the Lyris Doppelganger
  • "Time to feast!" – As the Lyris Doppelganger
  • "Such tenacity! Such ambition! Such bravery! Such a pity we're going to skin you alive and feast on your intestines!" – While on the way to Varen's Doppelganger
  • "Fools! Time is meaningless in the Halls of Torment! Whether it takes a day, or a thousand years, Sai Sahan will be broken!" – While on the way to Varen's Doppelganger
  • "Who dares to defy the Duchess of Anguish? I will tear out your heart and make you feast upon it! What death do you prefer, mortal? Slow and painful, or quick and painful? I think I'll kill you quickly, then resurrect you and kill you slowly―an eternity of agony. It will be glorious." – After defeating Varen's Doppelganger


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