Duel of Honor is a House Redoran quest given by Faral Retheran to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


"I believe Rothis Nethan is hiding out at the Flowers of Gold Cornerclub in the Redoran Waistworks here in Vivec. Go talk to him, and make him realise how this has cost the honor of House Redoran."
Faral Retheran[src]



Faral Retheran in the Redoran Treasury in Vivec, Redoran Canton will ask the Nerevarine to convince Rothis Nethan to fight a duel that he has chickened out of. Rothis Nethan is found at the Flowers of Gold cornerclub in the Redoran Canton. It is necessary to talk to Faral Retheran about the duel before the option to talk about it appears for Rothis Nethan.

Upon speaking with Rothis Nethan, he will beg not to duel with his opponent, Brethas Deras, who is a well-known fighter. In order to persuade Rothis Nethan, he will need to be brought 10 Standard Restore Health Potions, his Disposition must be raised above 50. The potions can be bought from around Vivec, as homemade potions won't work. The potions can also be bought from Relms Gilvilo at the Redoran Temple in Vivec. Give the potions to Rothis, and he will ask the Nerevarine to go to the Arena Canton of Vivec and watch the duel.

Return to Faral Retheran in Vivec once the duel is finished to complete the quest.


Duel of Honor – HR_CowardDisgrace
IDJournal Entry
10Faral Retheran asked me to convince Rothis Nethan to appear for a duel of honor with Brethas Deras.
  • Quest accepted
50Rothis Nethan agreed to duel Brethas Deras. Rothis Nethan will meet me in the Vivec arena.
70The duel between Rothis Nethan and Brethas Deras is over.
100Faral Retheran thanked me for upholding the honor of House Redoran.
  • Quest completed
If Nethan or Deras dies before the duel:
200Since one of the participants in the duel between Rothis Nethan and Brethas Deras is dead, the duel cannot take place.
  • Quest failed


  • The winner of duel is not significant to the quest.

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