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Dukaan (Dragon Language: DUKAaN Du-Kaan, "Devour-Kyne") is, along with Ahzidal, Zahkriisos, Vahlok and Miraak one of the five priests found on Solstheim. His tomb guards the Cyclone shout. His name translates to "dishonor."


Dukaan makes use of potent frost-based destruction magic, which is strengthened by his mask. He will also conjure Seekers from Apocrypha.



Notable itemsEdit


Dukaan is buried within the Sanctum of White Ridge Barrow, guarding a word wall for the Cyclone shout.

Animal ExterminationEdit

Dukaan is a possible target for the "Animal Extermination" quest given by Aela the Huntress during the Companions questline.


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