Duke's Guard is an Imperial guard in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The Duke's Guards are the personal guards of Duke Vedam Dren. There are three guards in total.


Base ID Class
Duke's Guard Guard
Duke's Guard_tomb Warrior
Duke's Guard_tomb2 Battlemage


All guards are wearing the following armor:

In addition, each guard uses the following weapons:

Base ID Class
Duke's Guard Silver Flameslayer
Duke's Guard_tomb Silver Flameslayer
Steel Longbow
Dire Sparkarrow (x20)
Duke's Guard_tomb2 Silver Shardaxe
Steel Longbow
Dire Sparkarrow (x20)


Lord's MailEdit

Lord's Mail "Yes, it has gone missing. I can assure you that no one got past us. We've been right here. I suspect foul play, or evil magicka. Whoever has it, got in some other way."
(After finding the Mail)
Lord's Mail "It's good to see the Lord's Mail in good hands again."


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