Dulfish gro-Orum is an Orsimer barbarian who lives in Cheydinhal. He is the leader of a skooma ring in the city along with his possible brother Magub gro-Orum, the owner of Borba's Goods and Stores, Borba gra-Uzgash, Bazur gro-Gharz and Oghash gra-Magul .


Like all of the gang, excluding Borba, Dulfish is constantly rude to the Hero. He lives with his brother Magub gro-Orum in their home and is also one of the selected few to have access to the weekly parties at Riverview.


"Get lost. Or I'll pull your arm off."

Cheydinhal "Look. A fly. Buzz, buzz. Hey. Look everybody! I'm talking to a fly! Buzz, buzz, buzz!"

(After immediately entering dialogue again) "You don't listen? You stupid? Crot. I'm wasting my breath. Then go ahead. Stand there. Talk all you want. You're a fly. Go ahead and buzz."



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