Dulgiijbiddiggungudingu, better known as Dulg, is a character that appears in An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City and An Elder Scrolls Novel: Lord of Souls. He works for chef Toel.[1]


Dulg is a froglike creature about two feet high, mottled orange, yellow, and green.


Umbriel CrisisEdit

After Annaïg and Slyr were kidnaped by chef Toel's kitchen, they were sent to some decontamination chambers. Dulg ordered them to go back to the beginning and start the process again. Annaïg did not see Dulg at first, but she finally noticed a froglike creature. After an hpur of alternating heat and cold, Dulg guided Annaïg and Slyr across the room to their new robes. He later offered some food and drink so that they could gather their strength, and he recommended them to rest before speaking to Lord Toel.

When Annaïg woke up next morning, Dulg told Annaïg she would have breakfast with Toel. Dulg explained to Annaïg that she could not meet Toel wearing her usual robes, so she had to wear a gold and black gown, cuffs, collars and her hair and face were tended.[1]

The morning after Annaïg had supposedly stolen the ninth savor, Dulg woke up Annaïg again. Toel required her presence to clear up who had stolen the ninth savor.[2]



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