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"Hello! I'm Dumag gro-Bonk. Best and prettiest smith in town. I know the secret art of forging amber. Here, take this list. It explains what I need."
―Dumag gro-Bonk[src]

Dumag gro-Bonk is an Orsimer blacksmith who owns The Missing Pauldron in Bliss of the Shivering Isles.


He sells basic weaponry and armor, but his true potential lies in the fact that he is the only one who can make armor and weapons from Amber.


Although he appears to be a masculine Orc, he acts very feminine and tends to flirt with any male characters he creates weapons and armor for. He also states that male Golden Saints and Dark Seducers are "dreamy."

"What can you possibly see in her? She spends more time cutting herself than swinging a hammer."
―Dumag gro-Bonk[src]

He gets very offended when customers visit Cutter, his rival, in Crucible instead of him. If the Hero is male and has Madness weapons or armor, he may say, "You think I'm ugly, don't you? And that SHE is the prettier smith?"


The Antipodean Hammer[]

This side quest is activated by finding a matrix. He will make enchanted Amber Armor or Amber Weapons if one has the right amount of Amber and one or more of the Amber matrices.


  • A script note for Dumag states, "This character was female and now is male, so the editorID and ref name are DumagGrABonk but name is Dumag grO-Bonk (gra/gro)." Later notes in the script refer to him with female pronouns.
  • Despite being essential, he still has an epitaph for a tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard. It reads, "Dumag gro-Bonk, he made killing things fun again."