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Dunbarrow Cove is a cave located behind and under Anvil Castle. The first section of the cove is called Smuggler's Cave and contains some crates, chests and barrels and can be accessed in the vanilla game.

However, the lower passage leads to Dunbarrow Cove itself, which is only available with The Thieves Den plug-in, while the upper passage, which can only be opened with the Smuggler's Key, leads to a secret section of Anvil Castle and ends up in the Umbranox private bedchambers.

The Smuggler's Key can be found in the chest at the foot of the bed inside the Captain's Quarters after having been upgraded.

The Cove[edit | edit source]

Dunbarrow Cove houses the infamous Black Flag and becomes a player house once it has been cleared of Red Sabre Skeletons (see the quest "Dunbarrow Cove").

It can then be upgraded with Characters and a proper Captain's Quarters by talking to Dahlia Rackham at the Sea Tub Clarabella.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrade Cost What one get
Fletcher 1000 Gold Melliwin; sells Restoration-related spells that fortify agility, speed, Sneak and Marksman. Standard merchant with 100 Gold selling a few bows and enchanted arrows. Expert Marksman trainer.
Fence 1000 Gold Khafiz; standard Merchant/Fence with 1500 Gold. Expert Mercantile trainer. His boar friend Bacon also roams the cove.
Security Expert 1000 Gold Tahm Blackwell — Sells Restoration spells that fortify Sneak and Security. Merchant with 100 Gold selling Security-related potions and scrolls. Expert Security trainer. There is also a Hard chest that lockpicking can be repeatedly practiced on.
Spymaster 1000 Gold Kovan Kren — Sells Restoration spells that fortify Sneak and Blade, as well as chameleon spells. Merchant with 100 Gold selling light armor and a few enchanted pieces. Expert Sneak trainer.
Supplier 1000 Gold Jak Silver; merchant with 100 Gold selling lockpicks and stealth-related potions. Expert Speechcraft trainer.
Upgrade Quarters 500 Gold An organized Captain's Quarters with a nice bed, set of drawers and a cabinet.
Total cost 5500 Gold

See also[edit | edit source]

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