Dunerippers are apex predators native to the Alik'r Desert in The Elder Scrolls Online[UL 1] They have adapted to live "on the western edge of the Alik'r Desert,[1] whilst a note on the desert from a deceased caravan guard warns that Dunerippers are "really fast."[2]


The people of Bergama use duneripper blood in tonics, which they believe will prolong ones life when drank, although in reality the blood can be detrimental if handled poorly. Hunters in the Alik'r will sell duneripper blood for a bounty, and they reserve the claws for themselves to adorn their belts. The large plates and neck-spines of a duneripper are said to fetch an excellent price, and its carcass can be dismantled for salvaging materials.[UL 1]





  • Update 5: Fixed an animation issue when the Duneripper is killed.[3]
  • Update 6: Fixed an issue where burrowing creatures, including the Duneripper, would surface prematurely when the Vestige moves.[4]

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