Dunmeth Pass is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The western side of the road, within Skyrim, is located in the hold of Eastmarch. The road itself is east of Windhelm, near the mouth of the White River. The eastern side of the road, which emerges in Morrowind, is located west of the city of Blacklight.


During the end of the Second Era, Dunmeth Pass served as a base for Imperial troops guarding the road.[1] Following the Red Year, thousands of refugees from Morrowind used the pass to escape the disaster into Skyrim.[2] The decrepit tower Refugees' Rest, located on Skyrim's side of the pass, served as a meeting place for the refugees who achieved safe passage into Skyrim. It was where they could find loved ones, and leave notice for others who could not be found.




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