Durcorach the Black Drake was a Reachman who led an invasion against the Bretons of High Rock in 2E 541 during the Interregnum. Durcorach was killed by King Emeric at the gates of Daggerfall, where his army of Reachmen was broken and scattered after a failed attack on the city of Daggerfall in High Rock.[1]


Nothing is known about Durcorach's early life. At one stage in his life, he became the chieftain of his tribe, and eventually the Emperor of Cyrodiil, beginning a decades long dynasty of Reachmen Emperors known as the Longhouse Emperors. He married Veraxia Tharn of the prominent Tharn family of Nibenay to bring himself closer to power and to legitimize his claim to the Ruby Throne. Durcorach produced an heir, Moricar, who later succeeded him. Moricar also had a son named Leovic, who was Durcorach's grandson.

In 2E 541, Durcorach amassed an army of Reachmen from his tribe and ravaged the region of Bangkorai, before marching to the gates of Daggerfall, where he met his end at the hands of Emeric of Wayrest and the now-united kingdoms of High Rock. Durcorach's heir Moricar inherited the throne after his father's death, and eventually the throne passed on to Durcorach's grandson Leovic, who ruled until 2E 573 after his death at the hands of Varen Aquilarios. Nothing is known of what happened to Veraxia Tharn.[1][2][3]



Emperor of Cyrodiil
Savirien-Chorak 2E ??? - 2E 541 Moricar
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