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Durcorach the Black Drake was a Reachman who led an invasion against the Bretons of High Rock in 2E 541 during the Interregnum. Durcorach was killed by King Emeric in 2E 542 at the gates of Daggerfall, where his army of Reachmen was broken and scattered after a failed attack on the city of Daggerfall in High Rock.[1][2][3]


Invading Cyrodiil and Emperorship[]

Nothing is known about Durcorach's early life. At one stage in his life, he became the chieftain of his tribe, and in 2E 533[4] raised a massive horde and invaded Cyrodiil, seizing the Imperial City and the Ruby Throne with it. With this, he became the Emperor of Cyrodiil, beginning a decades long dynasty of Reachmen Emperors known as the Longhouse Emperors. He married Veraxia Tharn of the prominent Tharn family of Nibenay to bring himself closer to power and to legitimize his claim to the Ruby Throne. Durcorach produced an heir, Moricar, who later succeeded him. Moricar also had a son named Leovic, who was Durcorach's grandson. Despite this, Durcorach and his subsequent dynasty were hated by the populace of Cyrodiil because they were seen as alien and foreigners.[source?]

Invasion of High Rock and Death[]

In 2E 541, roughly 8 years into his reign, Durcorach began his own attempt at conquering Tamriel. Durcorach amassed an army of Reachmen from his tribe and ravaged the region of Bangkorai. [5] After only a three day siege, the city of Evermore was overrun, its lands pillaged and people slaughtered. Hallin's Stand held out longer, but it too fell to the Reachmen hoard. Within a week or so, Bangkorai had been captured and Durcorach's horde crossed the Bjoulsae and headed towards Wayrest.[5]

The subsequent Siege of Wayrest lasted for 57 days. The Breton militia, led by Emeric, repulsed any attacks the Reachmen brought down upon the city. The newly constructed walls of Wayrest posed a big problem for the invaders, as the Reachmen lacked the proper siege equipment to assault the walls and lacked boats to corner and starve Wayrest from the Iliac Bay.[5] The siege ended in a stalemate, although Wayrest technically emerged as the victors. Ducorach lost his patience, leaving enough troops in the revetments around the city to keep them inside the city, and marched west into Glenumbra. The new city-state of Camlorn was taken by surprised and was sacked. Then Ducorach turned his eyes south, towards Daggerfall.[5]

As the Reachmen massed at the gates of Daggerfall, they were taken utterly by surprise by Emeric, who personally led a charge into the rear of the Reachmen ranks. In the desperate fighting that ensued, Emeric slew Ducorach at the city's walls, before the Knights of Daggerfall emerged from the gates and finished what Emeric had started. Without their leader, the broken Reachmen army fled. As a direct result of the failed invasion, the Daggerfall Covenant was created two weeks later to prevent another foreign incursion into High Rock.[5]

Durcorach's heir Moricar inherited the throne after his father's death, and eventually the throne passed on to Durcorach's grandson Leovic, who ruled until 2E 577 when he took his death at the hands of Varen Aquilarios. Nothing is known of what happened to Veraxia Tharn.[1][6][7][8][9]



Emperor of Cyrodiil
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