Duskglow Crevice is a cave located northwest of Silverdrift Lair.


The cave is occupied by Falmer and a bandit group attempting to clear out the cave. A switch just to the left of the staircase on the second level opens the barred gate seen when first entering the main section of this cave where two Falmer are encountered.

The chain that opens the gate is hidden on the floor just above, on the wall next to a flaming white bowl, revealing a quicker exit out of the dungeon. The moth in a jar is in this location, sitting on a small table against the rock column, opposite the vertical standing sarcophagus.


Family HeirloomEdit

A family in the Pale had a valuable stolen. They believe the culprits took it to Duskglow Crevice, and ask the Dragonborn to retrieve it for them.

Notable itemsEdit



  • Upon entering the cave two bandits may be overheard discussing the Falmer, one mentions that "the boss is going to cut those creepy cave people to pieces," hinting at the conflict between the bandits and Falmer further in the cave. The other will then say "will teach them to steal from us," and also that one of the Falmer "took my good helmet." It is possible to find the bandit's (leveled) helmet in the final section of the cave.


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