TESIV Goblin Dust Eater

Dust Eater refers to a nine-member goblin clan based in Barren Mine.


The following subtypes have no strengths, normal weaknesses, and do physical damage. The only exception to this is the Dust Eater Goblin Shaman.

Dust Eater GoblinEdit

Dust Eater Goblin BerserkerEdit

Dust Eater Goblin ShamanEdit

  • Weaknesses
    • Normal
  • Damage types
    • Physical
    • Fire
    • Frost
    • Shock

Dust Eater Goblin SkirmisherEdit

  • Drops
    • Iron and steel arrows
    • Leather and steel shields
    • Two lockpicks
    • Random iron and steel bows
    • Random steel weapons


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