Dutadalk is a Dunmer Hunter and is a member of the Ahemmusa Tribe of Ashlanders. He resides in the Ahemmusa Camp inside Dutadalk's Yurt. Dutadalk hunts for food and spends most of his time in his yurt in the ashlander camp.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Ahemmusa Nerevarine[edit | edit source]

After the quest "The Path of the Incarnate," talking to Dutadalk starts this part of the main quest line. The Nerevarine is on his quest to be named "Nerevarine" by all Ashlander tribes. Dutadalk sends them to the tribe's Wise Woman, Sinnammu Mirpal.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Greeting "Yes, outlander. I am Dutadalk, gulakhan of the Ahemmusa Ashlanders. Why are you here? What do you want?"

Greeting (after the quest "The Path of the Incarnate") "You are [PC Name]. We have heard some say you are the Nerevarine. For a long time the Ashlanders have heard of the Nerevarine prophecies. Perhaps some would say the Ahemmusa are bitter. But talk gives us no comfort."

Ashlander "We are the Ahemmusa tribe. Ahemmusa camp was the last safe place of the Ahemmusa, but it is safe no longer. The blight has taken our lands, our herds, our game, our people. The red clouds spoil our herds and kill the game. The blight-sickness kills our herds and cripples our people. These are the last days of the Ahemmusa."
Nerevarine "Speak to the wise woman, Sinnammu Mirpal. Tell her you will find a safe place for the Ahemmusa. That is what I would wish to hear from one who wants to be named Nerevarine."
Nerevarine prophecies "You must forgive us. Perhaps these are great days. Perhaps the prophecies are fulfilled. But to the Ahemmusa, all we know is that hunger and disease stalks us, and monsters prey upon us. A hero reborn may be a wonderful thing. But it means little to us, unless we have a safe place."
Greeting (during the quest "Ahemmusa Nerevarine") "If you are the Nerevarine, then you will find a safe place for the Ahemmusa."
Greeting (after the quest "Ahemmusa Nerevarine") "Thank you, [PC Name]. You have made a safe place for the Ahemmusa. You have my thanks, and my support."

healer "Mamaea is our healer. You'll find her in her tent."

trader "Our trader, Lanabi, has her yurt with the ashkhan's and the gulakhan's yurts."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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