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Dwarven Arrows are one of the types of arrows that can be found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


  • Dwarven arrows can be commonly found in Dwemer ruins.
  • High level bandits sometimes use these arrows.
  • The arrows can also be bought from merchants.


If the Dragonborn marries Aela the Huntress, she will sell ten to thirty of these arrows every few days.


In Dawnguard, it is possible to create twenty-four Dwarven arrows by using firewood and a Dwarven metal ingot. However, the Dwarven Smithing Perk is required to create it.

Given how easy it is to collect Dwarven metal ingots, it is easy to create many of these arrows. In addition to that, because of their value, this is an effective way to level Smithing.

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