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The Dwarven Crossbow is a crossbow in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.


The Dwarven Crossbow is the Dwemer design of the standard crossbow used by the Dawnguard, a faction of vampire hunters. It has the same projectile velocity as the Dragonbone Bow, making it effective at all ranges, unlike the standard crossbow.


After acquiring the Dwarven Crossbow Schematic in the second-to-last of the Ancient Technology missions, Sorine Jurard will begin to sell them. She may also teach the Dragonborn how to forge them, if requested.


After obtaining the schematics for the crossbow and asking Sorine Jurard how to make it, it may be forged with the Dwarven Smithing perk. It is only forgeable at the blacksmith's forge in Fort Dawnguard, using the following components:

It is upgradeable by using a Dwarven Metal Ingot at a grindstone, and also benefits from Dwarven Smithing, which doubles the improvement.



  • The Dwarven and Enhanced dwarven crossbows are reloaded slightly differently. When the bolt is placed, the Dragonborn will grab the handle near the bolt, then pull it back. The two other crossbows, however, are not grabbed while being reloading.
  • The Dwarven crossbow is actually a modern compound crossbow, which stores energy more efficiently by utilizing a pulley mechanism. Unlike the high-tier bows in the game, this crossbow has an actual mechanical reason to be powerful.
  • Calcelmo may ask for this weapon if purchased, sending a note by courier.


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  • Some NPCs cannot use this crossbow. When equipped, they simply aim with it, but never actually fire any bolts. One example of such an NPC is Lydia. The same NPCs are, however, perfectly capable of using a wooden crossbow.


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