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Not to be confused with Scrap Metal or Dwemer Scrap.

Dwemer Metal "Ore"Edit

The following table shows the ore substitutes that may be smelted to produce Dwarven Metal Ingots, arranged from most to least valuable (determined by a weight:ingot ratio) to the player.

Dwemer Item # Ingots Weight WeightIcon Gold GoldIcon Ingots per Weight
Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal 3 2 15 1.5
Large Dwemer Plate Metal 3 2 15 1.5
Small Dwemer Plate Metal 3 2 15 1.5
Solid Dwemer Metal 5 25 25 0.2
Large Dwemer Strut 3 20 15 0.15
Large Decorative Dwemer Strut 2 15 10 0.13

(Note: non-bent Dwemer Scrap Metal may easily be mistaken for an ore substitute, but it cannot be smelted.)

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