Dwarven Storeroom is located south east of Windhelm or the far north of Riften right next to the Dwarven ruin, Mzulft, of which a key is required to gain entry past the first room.

Main AreaEdit

There is:

  • Many scrap metal pieces which can be melted down and turned into Dwarven Metal Ingots at a smelter.
  • Potion of Minor Healing to the left.
  • A Dwemer Convector which may be empty.
  • A large decorative Dwemer strut.

On the right there is an Apprentice level lock door and straight in front an Expert level.

The two locks are leveled based on your Lockpick skill, so they may be two different level locks. However, one lock will always be an easier level than the other.

Apprentice Lock roomEdit

There are:

  • 16 Dwarven Metal Ingots
  • More Scrap Dwemer metal which can be melted down in Dwarven Metal Ingots.
  • 2 Chests; containing randomized dungeon loot.

There is also a door connected to the Expert level lock as well.

Expert Lock roomEdit

There is:

  • An enchanted Dwarven Battleaxe (can vary)
  • 2 Dwarven Metal Ingots
  • Scrap Metal
  • Aetherium Shard DG


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