Skyrim dwemer artifacts

A pile of Dwemer Artifacts.

Dwemer Artifacts are common metal objects made by the Dwemer that are usually found within Dwemer Ruins, either found on the bodies of slain Animunculi, in containers such as Dwemer chests and dressers or just lying around. The artifacts come in various shapes and sizes, and all are made of the mysterious Dwemer metal, and many, but not all can be smelted down into Dwarven metal ingots for making Dwarven Armor and weapons. These ingots can only be found or created by smelting Dwemer artifacts, as there are no veins of Dwemer ore to be mined. Some Dwemer artifacts are quite heavy and yield relatively few ingots, others are light and can be smelted into more than their original weight of ingots.

There are some artifacts created by the Dwemer which are not common and are regarded as highly prized and valuable. They are sought after by scholars, adventurers and collectors.

List of artifactsEdit


These items can be used in a smelter to create dwarven metal ingots. Unlike smeltable ores, each of the listed Dwemer scrap pieces can create multiple dwarven metal ingots. While the smallest piece yields only two ingots, the largest produces five.

Item Weight WeightIcon Value GoldIcon Ingots Weight Per Ingot
Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal 2 15 3 0.6
Large Decorative Dwemer Strut 15 10 2 7.5
Large Dwemer Plate Metal 2 15 3 0.6
Large Dwemer Strut 20 15 3 6.6
Small Dwemer Plate Metal 2 15 3 0.6
Solid Dwemer Metal 25 25 5 5


These items cannot be turned into ingots, but can be sold.

Unique Dwemer artifactsEdit

Some Dwemer artifacts are extremely unique and highly prized, and are sought after by scholars, bandits, adventurers and collectors alike. They are not possible to smelt as they are already made, but again, they are extremely unique and highly prized:

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