A Dwemer Gyro is a Dwemer artifact in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Dwemer gyros can usually be found in Dwemer Ruins, and cannot be smelted into Dwarven Metal Ingots.

In the Dawnguard add-on, one of the quests for the Dawnguard (A New Order) requires that the Dragonborn retrieve a Dwemer gyro for Sorine Jurard to be recruited. This can be surpassed by persuasion, or by finding the sack of gyros she mentions was stolen by mudcrabs. Alternatively, the player can give Sorine a gyro from their inventory.


  • Dwemer ruins
  • Dwarven storeroom next to Mzulft.
  • In Sorine Jurard's satchel found near the river where she is first encounteredDG
  • Shimmermist Grotto
  • Hrodulf's House, down the trap door, behind the bookcase.


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