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Dwemer Puzzle Box is a quest item in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is a Dwemer artifact found in the ruins of Arkngthand. It is about the size of a fist and made of a coppery metal. It features a circular design and symbols on one side and some lined marks on the other side.[1] The Dwemer puzzle box is wanted by Hasphat Antabolis.


It is inside Arkngthand, within a room called 'Cells of Hollow Hand', which is guarded by Boss Crito. This room's door is on a ledge, situated above the main three entrances, which are guarded by Surus Velvus. The ledge can be accessed by a small pathway on the left. The Puzzle box is on the lower shelf, on the left side of the room after entering.


Antabolis InformantEdit

The Nerevarine must retrieve the Box for Hasphat Antabolis. After giving Hasphat the Dwemer box, he will give the Nerevarine a key. This key helps the Nerevarine progress further through the ruins of Arkngthand (if their Security is too low to pick the locks on the doors).



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