Dwemer Warbots is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal.


  1. Talk to Ignatius Flaccus.
  2. Find 10 pieces of Dwemer Scrap Metal.
  3. Find 3 Rusty Dwemer Cogs.
  4. Place a bet on a match between two Dwemer warbots.


Talk to Ignatius Flaccus, who can be found near the Robot Arena in the basement of his house, in the Godsreach district of Mournhold. He will tell The Nerevarine that his Dwemer warbots are broken, and will need ten pieces Dwemer scrap metal to repair them. Travel to Bamz-Amschend, or any Dwemer ruin in Vvardenfell to find them. Upon retuning with the Dwemer scrap metal, Ignatius will then ask for 3 rusty Dwemer cogs. Go to any Dwemer ruin to find the cogs. Return to Ignatius with the cogs for which he will thank the Nerevarine, and tell them to come back once the Dwemer warbots are repaired. When the Nerevarine returns they can talk to Ignatius, and initiate a fight between two of his warbots. The Nerevarine will have the option to bet 50, 250, or 1000 GoldIcon on the match.


  • 50, 250, or 1000 GoldIcon if the Nerevarine wins the bet.
  • -50, -250, or -1000 GoldIcon if the Nerevarine loses the bet.


Dwemer Warbots – MS_BattleBots1
ID Journal Entry
1I have been recruited to get ten pieces of scrap metal for Ignatius Flaccus to repair his Dwemer warbots.
  • Quest accepted
10I have delivered Ignatius' scrap metal. He now says he requires three Dwemer cogs to complete his repairs.
20Ignatius Flaccus was happy to receive the Dwemer cogs I brought him. He says if I come back in a while, I can watch a warbot battle.
60Ignatius Flaccus wanted me to bet on one of his warbots, but I didn't have enough money to cover it.
  • Quest complete
70I bet on Ignatius Flaccus' battle bots and lost my money.
  • Quest complete
80I bet on Ignatius Flaccus' battle bots and won double my money back.
  • Quest complete
90Ignatius Flaccus offered to let me bet on the outcome of a bot fight, but I refused.
  • Quest complete
100Ignatius Flaccus tried to recruit me to help him repair his robots, but I refused.
  • Quest complete


  • If the Nerevarine's carry limit is low, they may need to make more than one trip to acquire the Rusty Dwemer Cogs for Ignatius, as they weigh 50 units a piece.
  • Once Ignatius has all the components to repair the Dwemer warbots, the Nerevarine can leave, then return immediately, to initiate the match.
  • Once the fight is over, the Nerevarine will be unable to bet on another.

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