The Barony of Dwynnen is a region with a small southern coastline on the Iliac Bay's north side, in the province of High Rock. It borders Phrygias to the north, Wrothgarian Mountains to the northeast, Kambria to the east, Bhoriane to the southeast, Anticlere to the southwest, and Urvaius to the west. In the west it shares a border with Anticlere and Urvaius to the west. The regional capital is Dwynnen CityJulianos is the patron deity of the Barony of Dwynnen. The predominant vampire bloodline of the region is Thrafey.

The military force of Dwynnen is called the Order of the Raven. In all modesty, the Order of the Raven is a legendary fighting order. The Knights have the honor of having led the battle against the Camoran Usurper in 3E 267 by Baron Othrok, and freed half of Tamriel from the Camoran Usurper's tyranny.[1] They remain the vanguards of the Barony of Dwynnen, protecting the whole region.

Every 5th Sun's Dawn, the people of Dwynnen have a huge party to celebrate Othroktide, the day when Baron Othrok took Dwynnen from the undead forces who claimed it in the Battle of Wightmoor and became the first baron of the region.

After the Warp in the West, Dwynnen became a part of the Kingdom of Wayrest.

Factions[edit | edit source]

  • Thieves Guild: Located in Aldton, Blackmoth, Broadtale Wood, Burghead, Charenley, Chestercroft, Chesterlech, Crossbrugh, Deerwood, Dwynnen, Eastville Derry, Gallomore, Holley Hill, Horcroft Heath, Longwood, Oxborne, Tambury, Tundale, Tunhead, Warville, Whitewold, and Wilderton
  • Order of the Raven: Located in Baelwood, Crossbrugh, Deerwood, Upbridge, and Wildertower

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