"Hold on there, friend. Only soldiers and guards past this point."
―Dylan Throm[src]

Dylan Throm is a Breton watchman first met during the events of "The King's Gambit," guarding the stairs leading to a guard meeting area, whereby the soldier that stole the key to The Greedy Gut may be confronted at.


The King's GambitEdit

Dylan Throm guards the stairs that lead to the guard meeting area, in which the guard that forbid entrance to the Greedy Gut is located at. Dylan Throm bends to the Vestige without much resistance and lets them pass.


The King's Gambit

"No one's allowed on the ramparts. Not unless they're a soldier or a guard. And you don't look anything like a soldier or a guard, do you?"

Are you going to try to stop me? "What? No, of course not. I get paid to tell people exactly what I told you. After that, well, I've done my duty. They don't pay me enough to tangle with someone like you."
What kind of guard are you? "I'm no guard. I'm a watchman. It's a dull job, but it's a living. Those soldiers up there? They're a strange bunch. Never knew soldiers who were so religious. Everything's Trinimac this and Trinimac that. I just want to finish my shift in peace."
Mind if I go take a look? "Suit yourself. Just let them know that I said my words and gave you fair warning. I might not be a true believer, but I want to keep my job, if it's all the same to you."


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