Dzonot Cave is a cave that is located almost directly south west of Chestnut Handy Stables on the Imperial City Waterfront. It is populated by bandits, and has a swinging-log trap triggered by a trip wire.

Entrance levelEdit

At the beginning there is a straight tunnel portion of this cave upon entering. There will be a trap just up ahead. At the same location there will be multiple NPCs who fire ranged weapons from above. Continue ahead and the cave raises slightly in elevation, circling around to cross the gap in the cavern. The Main Cavern entrance resides here. Bandits and bandit bowmen can be encountered along the way.


Map DzonotCave EntranceLevel01

Dzonot Cave Entrance Level

A few yards into the cave there is a Swinging Log Trap. This can be avoided by staying clear of the Trip Wire located in the center of the tunnel. Stay to the left of the tunnel and either "use" the trip wire, or swing and cut it with a weapon. This triggers the trap to help avoid damage.



  • 2x Minor Chests (locked)
  • 2x Minor Chests
  • Loose GoldIcon near table and bunk


Main CavernEdit

Map DzonotCave MainCavern01

Map:Dzonot Cave Main Cavern

Upon entering this area of the cave there will be a bandit immediately to the right. Using the Sneak skill immediately upon entering the room allows the bandit to be taken care of with a timed arrow. Continue forward and encounter another bandit as well as the Bandit Ringleader slightly further across the level.



  • Boss Chest (located at the back of this area behind the Bandit Ringleader)
  • Chest (locked)
  • 2x Chests


  • 3x bedrolls




This section contains bugs related to Dzonot Cave. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • There are items outside at the cave entrance which can become duplicated when entering exiting the cave. This causes multiple items to exist which occupy the same place. Picking up an apple adds one to the inventory but the apple remains on the ground. This can cause the game to become erratic upon loading a new area or entering a cave/town/house etc. Be careful to not pick these items up.


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