Eamond Guimard was the King of Evermore, situated within the province of High Rock. Eamond Guimard was a noteworthy leader, known for his friendliness and strong-will, a contrast to the wildlands of the region of Bangkorai.

History[edit | edit source]

Background & Reign[edit | edit source]

Eamond Guimard was the son of Blaise Guimard, the King of Evermore that took the throne in the aftermath of Durcorach's invasion of High Rock. He was given the throne for his efforts of retaking the city of Evermore from the Reachmen. House Guimard had become royalty in the eyes of the early Daggerfall Covenant and as a reward, Prince Eamond married Arzhela of Cumberland, the niece of High King Emeric. When King Blaise died in 2E 568, Eamond inherited the throne and became King of Evermore. He had two children, Adrien Guimard, the Crown Prince of Evermore, and Elara Guimard. During his reign, Eamond had become a favorable leader among the other leaders of the Daggerfall Covenant, as he was known to be friends with King Kurog of the Second Orsinium. It was King Eamond that gave the Imperial scribe, Flaccus Terentius the writ of transit to take them into the Wrothgarian Mountains.[1][2]

Death[edit | edit source]

King Eamond Guimard ruled over Evermore for several years until he had died in 2E 582 when the Seventh Legion, under the command of Septima Tharn had invaded the west around the Bjoulsae River. King Eamond and the Order of Saint Pelin had amassed their forces at the Bangkorai Garrison to face against the Legion, who he had very little respect for, especially Septima Tharn and her lineage, House Tharn. The battle had ultimately resulted in King Eamond's death and mourning. Because of the Seventh Legion, the Kingdom of Evermore had lost the southern portion of Bangkorai, including the city-state of Hallin's Stand. Regent-Queen Arzhela was grieving for her husband, while Princess Elara had become irresponsible and fickle, while Prince Adrien had signs of a gambling problem and alcoholism. Because of this, the Seventh Legion had begun to spread propaganda throughout Evermore, so that the Legion would be handed the city over. However, an Agent of the Covenant had intervened, bringing the Covenant and High King Emeric into Bangkorai, beginning the retaking of the region and the demise of Septima Tharn.[3][4][5]

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