"Firm arms. A strong back. Yes. You'd do nicely. It's a shame. Time will ravage you, destroy you. Whither you. But there are... alternatives."

Earil quote

Earil is an Altmer enchanter who owns a shop in Crucible called Earil's Mysteries. Earil calls himself a student of chronomancy—the study of the magic of time alteration. He will often offer customers to slow down their body so they may be preserved forever.



Earil has a problem with Brithaur, stating that not only is he a thief, but a bad one so he is looking for somebody who will help fix this. He asks for the Hero's help to deal with him.


  • If Earil dies, his tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard will read, "He taught us to make the seconds count before we close our eyes."


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  •  360   PS3   Even though Earil asks the Hero to get rid of Brithaur, if he sees the Hero kill him, he will still report it to the guards and shout, "Murderer!"


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