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[[Category:Morrowind: Illusion]]
[[Category:Morrowind: Illusion]]

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Earwig is a ranged Illusion spell in Morrowind that produces a disorienting noise in the victim's mind, reducing their ability to concentrate and lowering their chance of successfully casting spells for five seconds.


A reduction between 2 and 10% in the victim's chance of successfully casting spells can be expected due to the influence of Fatigue on the Sound effect. See Sound Magnitude for details.


The following people use Earwig:

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The following creatures use this spell:

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Earwig can be purchased from the following spell merchant(s):

Bratheru Oran House Hlaalu10 Vivec City, Hlaalu Canton Edryno Arethi's House
Estirdalin Mages Guild10 Balmora Mages Guild

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