East Empire Wardens are the guards who patrol the docks of the East Empire Company Warehouse during the quest "Scoundrel's Folly."

Along with the East Empire Dockworkers, they are hostile towards trespassers, especially those of the Thieves Guild, and will attack any unauthorized persons without a moments hesitation. They are very similar to the Wizard's guards encountered in Calcelmo's Laboratory, in both nature and appearance. Their armour, their dialogue and the way they treat trespassers, attack on sight, is almost identical as well.

Although the Wardens are not difficult to defeat, killing them may alter your profession as a thief to more of an assassin. If this is the case joining the Dark Brotherhood would be more ideal since murdering, under the aegis of the Thieves Guild, is "bad for business."

The best strategy to avoid the East Empire Wardens without alerting them, is to sneak on top of the shelves of the warehouse or swim in the water. Sneaking in the dark is also an alternative but is less effective and harder than the other two options. Should you choose to sneak in the dark or on the docks, you must be aware that a handful of the areas in which the Warden's patrol are small and narrow.

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  • If the player steals anything from the East Empire Company Warehouse whether they are caught or not, the Hired Thugs will be sent after them.

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