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The Ebonheart Pact's quests in The Elder Scrolls Online. For the main Coldharbour questline and other faction quests see Quests (Online).

In Bleakrock, Bal Foyen, and Stonefalls, the player needs to save the Ebonheart Pact from Daggerfall Covenant invaders and strengthen the alliance. In Deshaan, they must save the populace from the Maulborn, a Daedric Cult lead by Magistrix Vox, who in turn is being manipulated by Boethiah. In Shadowfen, the Vestige must foil an Aldmeri Dominion attempt to gain control over the Argonian race. In Eastmarch, they must stop the Stormfist Brigade and Fildgor Orcthane, King Jorunn's brother, from seizing power. In the Rift, they must assist the Pact and the Companions to halt an invasion of Reachmen and Worm Cultists.

Finally, with the aid of Archmage Vanus Galerion, the Vestige must convince Queen Ayrenn and High King Emeric to attend a meeting on the island of Stirk with Jorunn Skald-King to plan an assault on Coldharbour to end the Planemeld.

Bleakrock Isle quests[]

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Bal Foyen quests[]

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Stonefalls quests[]

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Deshaan quests[]

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Shadowfen quests[]

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Eastmarch quests[]

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The Rift quests[]

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Stirk quests[]