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Ebony Armor is a heavy armor set in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. With Dwemer Armor as its inferior, Ebony Armor is exceeded in value and quality by Daedric Armor. The armor is black rimmed with what appears to be gold. It is the second-strongest armor in the game.


Ebony armor can be purchased from armor traders, upon reaching a certain level

Ebony Armor is found throughout the city of Vivec City in the vaults. To acquire the armor, go to the top level of the district. It is called the Plaza. Go to the southeast corner and enter the adobe called the Vault. Sneak pass the guards and steal the armor. There are also around 3000 coins in each vault. Note that some districts do not have vaults. These include the Foreign Quarter and the Arena.

Ebony armor is found throughout Morrowind in Daedric Shrines. A full set can be obtained by completing the Tribunal quest "The Natural."

Attributes by pieceEdit

Name ID WeightIcon GoldIcon Health-icon ArmorIcon
Ebony Cuirass ebony_cuirass 60 35,000 1,800 100
Ebony Closed Helm ebony_closed_helm 10 15,000 600 100
Ebony Left Pauldron ebony_pauldron_left 20 12,000 600 100
Ebony Right Pauldron ebony_pauldron_right 20 12,000 600 100
Ebony Left Bracer ebony_bracer_left 10 5,000 300 100
Ebony Right Bracer ebony_bracer_right 10 5,000 300 100
Ebony Greaves ebony_greaves 36 22,000 600 100
Ebony Boots ebony_boots 40 10,000 600 100
Ebony Shield ebony_shield 30 17,000 1,200 100
Ebony Tower Shield ebony_towershield 30 25,000 1,200 100


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