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Ebony Mail (Quest)

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|name = Ebony Mail
|questgiver = Archcanon [[Tholer Saryoni]]
|image = Morrowind EbonyMail.png
|location = [[Vivec, Temple Canton]]
|questgiver = [[Tholer Saryoni]]
|reward = {{missing|Morrowind}}
|location = [[Vivec City (Morrowind)|Vivec City]], [[High Fane]]<br />[[Mount Assarnibibi]]
|disposition = {{missing|Morrowind}}
|prereq = [[Sheogorath of the House of Troubles]]
|faction = [[Tribunal Temple]]
|next =
}} It is a [[Tribunal Temple]] Quest available in {{Morrowind}}. It can be undertaken from Archcanon [[Tholer Saryoni]] once all the other Tribunal Temple Quests have been completed.
|reward = [[Ebony Mail (Morrowind)|Ebony Mail]]<br />Promotion to Patriarch
|reputation = +4 Reputation<br />+10 (Tribunal Temple)
|disposition = +20 (Tholer Saryoni)
|faction = [[Tribunal Temple]]
|type = [[Tribunal Temple Quests]]
|id = TT_Assarnibibi
{{For|2=Ebony Mail}}
'''Ebony Mail''' is a [[Tribunal Temple]] [[Tribunal Temple Quests|quest]] available in {{Morrowind}}.
==Quick walkthrough==
#Speak with [[Tholer Saryoni|Archcanon Tholer Saryoni]].
#Head to [[Mount Assarnibibi]].
#*Activate the Shrine to receive the [[Ebony Mail (Morrowind)|Ebony Mail]].
#Return to Saryoni.
==Detailed walkthrough==
Having completed the [[Sheogorath of the House of Troubles|final Pilgrimage]] of the Pilgrimages of the Four Corners on behalf of the Temple, Archcanon Tholer Saryoni will give the Nerevarine one final task. This task is to complete a final pilgrimage to the Shrine atop Mount Assarnibibi in order to obtain the Ebony Mail.
===A Significant Peak===
Mount Assarnibibi is a particularly important place for the Temple, as it is thought to be the place where [[Molag Bal]] oversaw [[Boethiah]]'s 99 lovers that gave birth to [[Almalexia (Tribunal)|Almalexia]]. It can be found to the northeast of [[Mount Kand]]. Atop the peak of Mount Assarnibibi, the Nerevarine will find seven large stones, surrounding a Shrine. When the Nerevarine interacts with the Shrine, they will receive the Ebony Mail.
[[Category:Tribunal Temple Quests]]
The Nerevarine may return to Saryoni to complete the quest. Saryoni will reward the Nerevarine with the Mail in the hope that they will "do good deeds" with it. He will also promote the Nerevarine to the rank of Patriarch of the Temple and (if they have completed the [[Main Quest (Morrowind)|Main Quest]]) grant them the title of Archcanon, while Saryoni enters retirement.
!colspan="2"|Ebony Mail – TT_Assarnibibi
!ID!!Journal Entry
|align="center"|10||''Archcanon Tholer Saryoni asked me to bring him the Ebony Mail. The Ebony Mail can be found in Mount Assarnibibi where Molag Bal oversaw the 99 lovers of Boethiah that gave birth to Almalexia. Mount Assarnibibi is north of Molag Mar.''
*<b>Quest accepted</b>
|align="center"|100||''I received the Ebony Mail from the shrine at Assarnibibi.''
|align="center"|110||''Saryoni thanked me for bringing him the Ebony Mail, but said that I should keep it and do good deeds. I am the new Archcanon of the Temple.''
*<u>Quest completed</u>
*This is meant to be the final quest for the Tribunal Temple.
**The Nerevarine can obtain it earlier if they speak with Saryoni about the topics ''Bad Daedra'' and ''Four Corners''.
*If the Nerevarine has not completed the Main Quest, then Saryoni will keep his title of Archcanon until the Nerevarine completes it.
*The quest is marked as complete after obtaining the armor, even if it is not taken to Tholer Saryoni as requested.
{{Tribunal Temple Quest Morrowind}}
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