Edda is an Imperial beggar strolling in Riften. She is usually around the marketplace during the day asking for a Septim.

Personality and background

She has apparently lost much of her sanity and suffers from paranoia and distrust as noted by her fellow beggar Snilf who is aware of the woman's fragile state of mind. She may randomly be found dead in front of Snilf when Riften is entered, he noting her paranoia may have been justified.


As with other beggars, giving her one GoldIcon grants the The Gift of Charity blessing. This equates to +10 Speech for one hour real time. When weapons and armor are dropped at her feet, it may open a dialogue option where she asks to take them. If money or items are given to her, she can aid the Dragonborn in combat. Similarly, if she is killed after a benevolent act is shown to her, she may leave the Dragonborn an inheritance.

She sleeps at the Beggar's Row, along with Snilf and Madesi. Where the two others attack a vampire, she will instead defend it.


Marrying her through console shows that she, and other homeless women who share her voice, have unique marriage related lines.

She is more assertive than other wives, saying the Dragonborn should cook her a meal instead of the other way around, but is just as loving overall. Sometimes, like other people that like the Dragonborn, she may find an item and give it to them.


  • "No one cares about us! No one! We could die and no one would ever know! They'd just throw our corpses in the canal."
  • "Are you scared of death? I am. I hear everything just stops... forever. It just all goes away, but you don't realize it. I don't want to die."
  • "I can't take this place anymore. The trees... all the colors, but the city, so dark. Why?  It makes no sense."
  • "So cold. So hungry. So tired."


  • Edda will come to kill Grelod the Kind if she witnesses the latter running outside.


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