Eduard Hodge was a member of the Chorrol Fighters Guild, referred to in Viranus Donton's journal, but he largely goes unseen until the "Trolls of Forsaken Mine" quest.

In Viranus Donton's journal, Eduard is described as having a special friendship with him. In the journal, Viranus makes several references to Eduard being "beautiful," and mentions him forgoing lucrative contracts to spend time with Viranus following the death of his brother Vitellus, and the subsequent overprotectiveness of his mother Vilena.

Eduard and Viranus finally get a contract together, along with a contingent of Fighter's Guild members, to wipe out trolls in Forsaken Mine. Everything had been going smoothly for them until the Blackwood Company, based in nearby Leyawiin, appeared and began killing indiscriminately. Eduard "fought bravely," but perished shortly before Viranus, who had time to write one final entry before being killed by trolls. Whether trolls also slew Eduard, or whether he fell to Blackwood Company swords, is unclear.


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