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Elder Scrolls
"On the world of Nirn, all was chaos. The only survivors of the twelve worlds of Creation were the Ehlnofey and the Hist. The Ehlnofey are the ancestors of Mer and Men. The Hist are the trees of Argonia."
The Annotated Anuad

Ehlnofey, also known as the Earth Bones,[1][2] are the faded descendants of the Aedra who walked on Nirn, as well as the ancestors of men and mer.[3]


A large fragment of the Ehlnofey world landed on Nirn relatively intact, and the Ehlnofey living there were the ancestors of the Mer. These Ehlnofey fortified their borders from the chaos outside, hid their pocket of calm, and attempted to live on as before. Other Ehlnofey arrived on Nirn scattered amid the confused jumble of the shattered worlds, wandering and finding each other over the years.[3]

Eventually, the Wandering Ehlnofey found the hidden land of Old Ehlnofey, and were amazed and joyful to find their kin living amid the splendor of ages past. The Wandering Ehlnofey expected to be welcomed into the peaceful realm, but the Old Ehlnofey looked on them as degenerates, fallen from their former glory. For whatever reason, war broke out, and raged across the whole of Nirn.[3]

The Old Ehlnofey retained their ancient power and knowledge, but the Wandering Ehlnofey were more numerous, and toughened by their long struggle to survive on Nirn. This war reshaped the face of Nirn, sinking much of the land beneath new oceans, and leaving the continents that would be later known as Tamriel, Akavir, Pyandonea and Atmora; with Yokuda having been completely sunk beneath the ocean's surface while Aldmeris became ruined and lost to time. The remnants of the Wanderers were left divided on the other three continents.[3]

The Wandering Ehlnofey are the ancestors of Men and the Old Ehlnofey are the ancestors of Mer, according to The Annotated Anuad.[3]


The Elder Scrolls Online[]

Keeper of Bones[]

The Vestige discovers several Ehlnofey in Bone Orchard.

Seeking the Guardians[]

Discover what has become of the elemental guardians.

Champion of the Guardians[]

Restore the link between the Wyrd Sisters and the guardians.

To the Wyrd Tree[]

Locate Wyress Gwen near the Wyrd Tree to see how you can help.

Reclaiming the Elements[]

Help the Wyrd Sisters reclaim the Beldama Wyrd.

Purifying the Wyrd Tree[]

Destroy the corruption of the Beldama Wyrd Tree.

Angof the Gravesinger[]

Stop Angof the Gravesinger's necromantic plan to conquer Glenumbra.

Known Ehlnofey[]

  • Dringoth
  • Goradir
  • Olphras
  • Guardians of the Wyrd Tree
    • Guardian of the Air
    • Guardian of the Earth
    • Guardian of the Water