Not to be confused with Elden Hollow.

Eidolon's Hollow is a location in The Elder Scrolls Online. It can be found in the region of Deshaan in Morrowind.


A Blow for OrderEdit

Defeat Daedric and Maulborn forces.

Healing HeartsEdit

Give the Daedra Hearts to Healer Dalen for use in a healing potion.

Into the Mouth of MadnessEdit

The Judgement of VelothEdit

Put a final end to Vox' madness.

A Motive for HeresyEdit

Aspera the Forgotten has entreated the Vestige to view the memories of the past to determine the steps that led to Magistrix Vox' betrayal.

Notable itemsEdit


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Deceased: (Souls trapped by Veloth's Judgment)




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