"Perhaps it seems silly, but our love is the most important thing in all creation. Orintur and I spend all our time together, in the High Elf way."

Eilonwy quote

Eilonwy is an Altmer merchant and member of the Cheydinhal Mages Guild; where she is found most of the time. She is an avid lover of her fellow guild-mate and Altmer, Orintur.


Eilonwy is one of the few merchants in the game who can sell Grand Soul Gems, and thus plays a major role for budding mages. However, as an Apprentice of Mercantile, she only has 800 GoldIcon to offer, so if the Hero wishes to sell rare magical items then it would be recommended to go to a better merchant. One can increase her money by 1000 GoldIcon if one invests in her shop, and become a Master Trader themselves.


Seeking Your RootsEdit

Being an alchemist by heart, she will be more than interested if presented with a sample of Nirnroot. She will, however, point the Hero towards master alchemist Sinderion: "At the last Imperial Alchemy Symposium, I heard Sinderion mention something about a strange glowing root. I'm afraid I can't remember what he said about them. Perhaps you should make the trip to Skingrad and ask him in person."


"I'm Eilonwy. I'm only a conjurer, but Orintur is a full Magician. Isn't he wonderful?"

Cheydinhal "Perhaps it seems silly, but our love is the most important thing in all creation. Orintur and I spend all our time together, in the High Elf way."
Cheydinhal Recommendation

"Well met."

Mages Guild "Orintur doesn't like to brag, but no one can match the Reflect spells he can cast. He might teach you if you're skilled enough."
Recommendation "That would be Falcar's responsibility. Good luck."

After speaking to Falcar:

"Well met."

Recommendation "It sure sounds like Falcar has it in for you. What a bizarre thing to ask you to do!"

After obtaining the Ring of Burden:

"I hope I can help."

Recommendation "There may be some... changes. I can't say for sure; you should talk to Deetsan."

After obtaining the recommendation:

"I hope I can help."

Vidkun "I heard what happened to him. I wonder if the Mages Council will do anything?"


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See Cheydinhal Mages Guild

  • Her AI package for 5pm (CheydinhalMGElamonweExploreOrintur) may have been intended to make her accompany Orintur in his exploration of Peachtree Island. However, as the package is created as a 'find' package rather than an 'accompany' package, she normally ends up locating Orintur within the Mages Guild, and offering Services there for the packages duration rather than reaching the island.


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