"They laughed at me, hanging in the ice. Then the Frozen Man got them."

Eiman is a Nord found imprisoned by the The Frozen Man inside Orkey's Hollow. His sister, Rolunda, is desperately looking for him.


The Missing of BleakrockEdit

Captain Rana has to evacuate Bleakrock Isle before the Daggerfall Covenant attacks, but there are missing people from the village who need to be found in order to get everyone to safety. Eiman is one of those people.

The Frozen ManEdit

His sister, Rolunda, is found outside Orkey's Hollow, looking for her brother. She says that Eiman entered the cave to prove his courage and find a crazed ghost known as the Frozen Man. He is inside the cave behind a wall of ice. In order to free Eiman, the Vestige must play the ghost's games, which include finding out his identity and pick the right Frozen Man when he uses illusions of himself to trick the Vestige.

Zeren in PerilEdit

Eiman will be present in Fort Zeren during its assault by the Daggerfall Covenant, yet will not participate in the battle.


The Frozen Man

"What happened? Did ... did you see those Covenant soldiers?"

Covenant soldiers? "I saw a group of them exploring the cave. They laughed at me, hanging in the ice. Then the Frozen Man got them."
Let's get out of here, Eiman. "You don't have to tell me twice."


  • "Roey! You came to save me!"
Zeren in Peril
  • "Darj told me to stay out of the way. He said I shouldn't look threatening during the battle. I think I can do that." – Before the battle
  • "I can't wait to tell Rolly I lived! She'll be so happy!" – After the battle


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