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"Just stay out of my way."
―Eisa Blackthorn[src]

Eisa Blackthorn is a Nord bandit located outside Frostmere Crypt.


The Pale Lady[]

Upon approaching the crypt, Eisa is attacked by her fellow bandits who believe she was involved with the theft of a sword carried by their bandit leader. If she survives, Eisa will inform the Dragonborn of the existence of the stolen blade and that they can go after it if they wish. Whether she is assisted or not, her quest is given regardless.

After the encounter at the crypt, she may be found at the Moorside Inn in Morthal. However, she may be killed on the way to Morthal by a random encounter, so if one wants to speak with her later, it would be wise to escort her to Morthal until she is safe in the hold capital.


The Pale Lady

"Who in Dagon's name are you? Speak, or I'll cut you down where you stand."

Wait, what's going on here? "*Sigh* I was part of the gang in the ruins here. Friend of mine went crazy and stole the boss' sword. They blamed me for it. Look, I'm done here. Mop the floor with these idiots for all I care. Just get out of my way."
Let's just see about that. "Hmph. Suit yourself."


The Pale Lady

Eisa Blackthorn: "Damn it, not now!"
Bandit: "There she is!"
Bandit 2: "Get her!"


  • According to Eisa's Journal and Hajvarr's Journal, she and Ra'jirr are former members of the White River Gang, and the only survivors of a failed mutiny at White River Watch. Also according to her journal, she at one point served a jail sentence at Cidhna Mine in Markarth.
  • Healing her will be taken as an act of aggression and cause her to attack. She will not attack anything unless provoked or a Frenzy spell is used on her.
  • By killing her and taking her journal, the Dragonborn will automatically start the quest "The Pale Lady."


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  • The Frostmere Crypt encounter may glitch, causing Eisa to stand outside the entrance alone, where she will not be under attack, and she will have no dialogue options. The related quest may still be obtained by opening her inventory in sneak mode and reading her journal. It is not necessary to pickpocket the journal to get the quest.
  •  PC   After finishing the quest "The Pale Lady," teleporting to Eisa via console commands will lead one to Moorside Inn despite her not being physically there.