Elam Drals is a Dunmer assassin residing in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. He handles the more day-to-day contracts assigned to the Dark Brotherhood.



Show: Welcome Home

"Well met, Sister/Brother. I coordinate our family's more mundane contracts. I suggest you get used to this face, because you're going to be seeing a lot of me."

Astra said I should speak with you. "Did she now? Are you sure that's what she told you to do? Wouldn't want you to get in trouble your first day in the Sanctuary. Now that you're here, we might as well discuss your training."
My training? "Don't repeat what I say. It annoys me. Now where was I? Oh yes, your training. Complete a contract, receive your reward. Prove yourself, and more significant contracts will be made available to you. It's simple, really."
I understand. "I don't expect you to last a week, but as long as you're still here …. Ready for your first contract, Initiate?"
Show: Contract: Kvatch

"Not everyone appeals to the Dark Brotherhood through the Dark Sacrament. For those with copious amounts of gold to spare, we usually indulge their more mundane requests. Are you ready to take on your first contract?"

I'm ready. "Typically, you'll consult the ledger, "Marked for Death," but I've handpicked something special for your first job."
Who do I have to kill? "Travel to the city of Kvatch, identify the target listed on this contract, then eliminate them. I encourage you to practice with the Blade of Woe, but as long as the target dies, it doesn't really matter how you kill them. Can you manage that?"
I'll return when my target is dead.

After starting a contract:

"What are you standing around for? I'm not too much at and neither is this room."

Who takes out these contracts? "Anyone can find a reason to kill someone. Ambition, jealousy, humiliation. I once killed for a jester who couldn't take a joke. Careful who you heckle in Stormhaven."
I'd like to know more about you. "Me? I'm flattered. No, that's not the right word …. Uncomfortable? Yes, that's it. Whatever do you want to know about me for?"
I just want to know who I'll be working with. "Not the brooding type? Good. They're a bore. I've been with Astara at this Sanctuary since its inception. More years than I care to remember. In that time I've done enough contract killing to know how to drum up business. It's my charm."

After completing the contract:

"You're back, I see. How could I not? You're standing in my light. So tell me. How did you do?"

I completed my first contract. "Well, good for you. But don't get too full of your accomplishments just yet. That was a fairly easy contract I started you with. Come back when you're ready for more. If the Speaker or the Matron give an order, though, that takes priority."
After the quest:
How often does an assassin die during a mission? "Did seeing Cimbar laid low give you pause? It should. If someone as highly trained as him can be caught and killed, what's that say about your own chances?"
Any advice for me? "Some recruits believe joining the Dark Brotherhood imbues them with an otherworldly protection. The smarter ones remember we're all still flesh and blood.

Be the latter, Initiate."

Show: A Lesson in Silence


  • "You must be the new initiate. I've heard some unbelievable things about you. Still, you can't be too good. Your name hasn't appeared on one of my contracts yet. What? That's a Dark Brotherhood joke. Don't you have a sense of humor?" – When met for the first time
  • "Even the simplest contract represents a pact one enters into with the Dark Brotherhood. Take each contract seriously. After all, we built our reputation on … customer satisfaction."