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Elder's Cairn is a crypt inside the Nordic tomb Volunruud in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim north of Whiterun.


The Elder's Cairn is the crypt that contains the spirit of the ancient warrior, Kvenel the Tongue. A high level Draugr, Kvenel fights with two unique and dangerous enchanted weapons, Eduj and Okin. Combined with the ability to summon a Frost Atronach, this makes him a particularly difficult opponent.

Since all undead have a natural resistance to frost, fire-oriented enchantments or spells are recommended. It is generally not advisable to fight him at lower levels due to the high amount of damage caused by his weapons. In addition to Kvenel, there are 3–4 more leveled Draugr who fight alongside him, making the battle that much more difficult.

Notable itemsEdit


  • In Kvenel's throne room, a draugr can be found that clearly has the body of a female but has a beard


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