Elder Council Chambers is a location within the Palace in the Imperial City.


The Palace with the impressive White-Gold Tower was once part of the Ayleid "Temple of the Ancestors" that the Imperial City was built upon. Once, all the Ayleid Statues were held here, until men captured the Tower in 1E 243 under the leadership of Alessia.

It is well guarded by a special division of the Imperial Legion dressed in resplendent armor resembling that of an Imperial Watch Captain. Though the tower is massively tall, citizens are only permitted on the first two floors.


  • Imperial Palace Guard's Room
  • Library
  • Elder Council Chambers
Located on the first floor, the Elder Council Chambers is the meeting place of all the major officials of the Empire. It consists of a large round room with a large round table with thrones surrounding it. Currently, the only person that should be in the room is Chancellor Ocato.
  • Imperial Battlemage's Chambers
  • Palace Basement


Notable itemsEdit

  • The palace basement has some interesting artifacts including the Glass of Time.


  • The large round table in the center of the Elder Council Chambers has the same shape as the Wayshrines of the Nine Divines, but has a bigger scale.


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