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Elder Scrolls

Eldergleam Sanctuary is a cave located in southern central Skyrim.

This is where the Eldergleam Tree is located, and the final destination of "The Blessings of Nature" quest. It is considered a holy place in Skyrim, sacred to the goddess Kynareth. A copy of the restoration skill book Mystery of Talara, v2 is here, near the Dunmer pilgrim. There is an abundance of Alchemy ingredients that grow here. 

There are two Nords that reside here, Asta and Sond, communing with the beauty of the place and the Eldergleam Tree.

Just a short distance to the northeast, above the entrance, is a crate with several soul gems and the enchanting skill book A Tragedy in Black.


  • There is a chest on the right of the path, near where Asta sits and looks at the tree; climb onto the rock ledge to reach it. Next to the chest is a corundum ore vein. A second chest can be found by the Eldergleam Tree by moving a root with the Nettlebane next to the rock wall.
  • West of this location there is an unmarked camp of hunters bathing in a hot spring.
  • Behind one of the Eldergleam branches, where the spriggans appear if the Eldergleam is activated, there is a chest filled with random loot. The Dragonborn must use Nettlebane to get to it.
  • Nettlebane will only work on the roots of the Eldergleam that block the path, or access to the chest. Striking the other roots has no effect.


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  •  360   PS3   It is possible to exit the map at the back, showing a flat square area with a single hill, surrounded by pale blue skybox. Jumping off removes HUD and crashes if saved.
  •  PS3   When leaving the Eldergleam Sanctuary, the dragon in Bonestrewn Crest appears, which seems to be flapping one wing and gets stuck in mid-air. In addition, there are times when it flies away, but returns to a different location in the area. Even if the player manages to reduce its health below or around the requirement for it to crash land on the ground, this dragon continues to be in mid-air.