Eldersblood Peak is located on top of a mountain southwest of Morthal. There are two routes to access this location.

  1. From Morthal - Follow the river southwest, staying on the south bank until the river widens to a small lake with an island on your right. There is a path on the left hand side. The path follows a series of switch-backs leading up the mountain to a hunters camp and then further up you will pass North Cold Rock Pass and encounter stone stairs leading to the top.
  2. From Rannveig's Fast - On the south side of the mountain is the ancient tomb, Rannveig's Fast. From here it is easy to follow the stones stairs up the south face of the mountain until you reach South Cold Rock Pass. The pass leads to the other side of the mountain where you will exit at North Cold Rock Pass. From here simply follow the path up the hill.


Eldersblood Peak is an ancient site and dragon's lair. The mountain top is covered in ice and snow but the hand of man is evident. The peak has been leveled off with giant stone work and look out points which offer a commanding view over the surrounding area, and High Hrothgar can be seen in the distance.

A large dragon wall dominates one side of the peak's upper platform area. The Word Wall romanizes into as:

This then translates into English as:

"Brothi raised this stone (KULii) memory Odrav Anvil-Hand who bring/brought much honor to Clan Red-(STRUNuuah)".

Currently this is a partial translation due to lack of knowlege of the exact meaning of some words (noted in parentesis). "KULii" is likely a relationship descriptor of some kind, similar to "BRiiNahii" (BRiiNahii combined with VahRUKT (memory) has the meaning of "in memory of her sister" or, as it's translated in Dragon Language: Myth no More, "for her sister"). Brothi and Odrav are personal names. The STRUN in "STRUNuuah" could potentially be "Storm", but without knowing what the 'uuah' means or if it's a separate word at all, we cannot yet guess as to the exact meanin of "STRUNuuah".

You learn "Haal" (Hand) from this Word Wall as part of the Disarm Dragon Shout.


  • A pack of Frost Trolls guard this ancient dragon lair if the dragons have not yet returned.
  • If you visit here after the dragons have returned, most of the Frost Trolls will have been killed, but you will have a much bigger foe to contend with, an leveled Dragon.

Notable Loot


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