Not to be confused with Elgenie Dubroc.
"If we can't get the information we need, we may be better off barricading Evermore completely and preparing for siege. If you can help, please speak with Captain Gaercroft. We need it."

Elgenie is a Breton healer aiding the Evermore guard deal with the Dark Witnesses currently occupying Northglen, Bangkorai.


Beyond the CallEdit

Stop the Reachmen from mounting their attack on Evermore.


  • "If only we had the full force of the Mages Guild behind us. These Reachmen wouldn't last long." – After killing Duraeg and saving Isabeth Gaercroft
  • "Self sacrifice is rare these days. I hope Captain Gaercroft is finally proud of his daughter. Not that he wasn't. Perhaps now he'll finally show just how much she meant to him."


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