Elhul Sathil was a Dunmer member of House Sathil. He was the son of Hleryn Sathil.[1]


After he was consumed by Umbra, Elhul had a black skin but no flesh. The skin fit him so tightly his bones were all plainly revealed. His eyes were almost white. Umbra was so much a part of Elhul that it seemed just an extension of his arm.[2]


Fourth EraEdit

In his childhood, Elhul used to play with Irinja, pretend to be her knight.

Hleryn Sathil made a pact with Clavicus Vile. In exchange, Vile demanded Hleryn to retrieve Umbra for him. Hleryn sent his now grown up son Elhul to the ruins of Vivec City to find the sword. When Elhul touched the sword, he went mad and started killing his guards. He almost killed Irinja too. Elhul was chained, and the sword was taken away from him. Elhul's mental health improved during this period of time, but he eventually found the sword.

Elhul kill his mother, Lady Sathil. He killed half of the guards and his two brothers before he was taken down. This time, they could not pull apart Umbra from Elhul, so Hleryn decided to lock him in a cell in the depths of the castle.[1] After a year he stopped eating, but he did not die of starvation.

Eight years after he was locked, Sul and Attrebus showed up in Sathil castle determined to find Umbra. They discovered where Elhul and Umbra were being held thanks to Irinja. Once inside the dungeon of the castle, Nirai closed the gate of the dungeon, trapping both Attrebus and Sul. Nirai had ordered Irinja to reveal where Elhul was, so that they could kill him. Unlike her father, she could not agree keeping Elhul alive.

Sul faced Elhul while Attrebus talked to Nirai. Attrebus heard Sul shouting, so he ran to aid him. Attrebus unsheathed Flashing and fought Elhul. Elhul's skin was so hard that it did not break when Flashing hit him. Sul casted a spell that made Elhul break into pieces and dissolve. After Elhul was defeated once and for all, Attrebus wrapped sword in order to take it without going mad.[2]



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