Not to be confused with Eliana Barbatus.

Eliana Salvius is an Imperial guard of a Temple of Mara.

Her and her fellow guards Decanus Vulso and Veranus Macatus followed the bandits into their lair at Fort Sphinxmoth. Once inside, they were no match for the sheer number of bandits and were captured.


Prisoners of the SphinxEdit



Prisoners of the Sphinx

"Did Marcella send you? Please! Get me out of here."

What happened? "We entered the ruins to recover the stolen relics, but the bandits got the drop on us. Quick, break the lock on these chains. Get me out of here!"
I'll get you out. Are any of the other guards still alive? "I ... I think they got Talania. I saw her stabbed. Decanus and Veranus, though. I think they might still be alive, somewhere deeper in the complex."
All right. You'll be free in a moment.

Outside the fort:

"We were waiting to make sure you made it out. I'm glad to see you safe and sound."

Yes. I see you and the others made it out all right as well. "We did. And we truly cannot thank you enough. Without your help, none of us would have escaped that horrible place."


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