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Elk are passive animals found in Skyrim. Elk are very common and, with the right hunting tactics, fairly easy to kill, though they have slightly more health than deer.


They can often be seen running from other predators such as bears and hunters. Although normally passive, the elk will still attack the Dragonborn if under the influence of a Spriggan or spells like Fury are cast on it and if the Dragonborn is the closest thing to the elk. Elk can also be seen wandering together with deer.

Elk can be reanimated with the conjuration spell Raise Zombie. They do not aid their summoner in combat, but can be used as a distraction.



  • Male elk are larger, have darker fur, and have larger antlers than females.
  • While its antlers do not resemble the modern day elk, it is likely modeled after the now extinct Megaloceros or Irish Elk.


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  •  PS3   If the elk is shot in the head with a bow that has an enchantment on, it will not have hide when looted.
  •  360   PS3   Sometimes, elk can run along the ground underwater.
  •  360   Sometimes, when an elk is killed, it will turn vertically with its head in the ground and become impossible to loot.

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