Elmussa Damori is a Dunmer rogue, and member of the Thieves Guild who resides in Caldera.


The Caldera SpyEdit

Odral Helvi asks the Nerevarine to investigate around town in order to find and kill who stole the Caldera Mining Contract. The townspeople will point to Irgola and Elmussa as two newcomers in Caldera. Irgola tends his store night and day, and upon interrogation, Elmussa's defense sounds suspicious. After raising her disposition to above 80, she will tell the Nerevarine she is the thief. She will prevail upon her Thieves Guild status if the Nerevarine is a fellow Guild member. The Nerevarine can then choose to kill or spare her. Sparing Elmussa then telling Odral the truth about what happened will cause him to arrange for her arrest. Additionally, Odral can be lied to if his disposition is above 70.


The key Elmussa gives to open up the chest to find the Caldera Mining Contract is a fourth copy of the Abebaal Egg Mine slave key.


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