Elvali Veren was a Dunmer mage and part of Atmah's expedition to Labyrinthian.


She was the second mage to die during the expedition when she was grabbed by "something from behind." Her ghost can still be found at Labyrinthian during impressions of past conversations.

It is probable that she died to the trolls found in one of the side caves beforehand, with her mauled bones and blood covering most of one of the cave walls. This would explain how she was forcibly grabbed and pulled away from the rest of the group.


To judge by her contributions to the discussions, Elvali was not aggressive; she was also not particularly helpful, although her demeanor was mild and even-mannered. Her colleagues might have described her as foolhardy.


The Staff of Magnus

Elvali's ghost and conversations can seen and heard throughout the quest.



Elvali: "I can't believe we're doing this."
Savos: "Can you imagine the looks on their faces when we come back?"
Hafnar: "You keep talking like you're sure we'll find something useful in here."
Girduin: "Given the history of this place, it's more than likely there's still some amount of power here."
Savos: "Enchanted weapons, tomes of ancient knowledge, Shalidor's secrets themselves -- who knows what we could find!"
Takes-In-Light: "And what if... What if there are things guarding this place?"
Atmah: "Against six College-trained mages? I think we'll be fine."

Elvali: "We... we have to go back. We can't leave Girduin..."
Hafnar: "We barely made it out alive, and you want to go back in?"
Atmah: "It's too late. There isn't enough of him left to go back in after."
Takes-In-Light: "Gods, what have we done?"
Savos: "We can't go back. Might as well go forward. We can still do this."
Atmah: "Savos is right. We can make it if we just stay alert."

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  • Veren may appear a short distance northeast of Fort Greymoor after "The Staff of Magnus" has been completed. She will not interact with the Dragonborn and does not appear to do anything except stand on a slightly raised ridge next to the road.


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